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Technology: A Distraction in Life New modern life circled with technology gadgets. Technology has been progressing quickly which has become an important part in our lives which is harmful for our body. Many people have been using these stuff to communicate with each other, play games, listen to music, or discover a new culture. However, it may also have some positive impact in which it can help students in their daily life to get some information out of the internet to solve their homework or other things. For example, adults use these instruments at work and students at school. These kind of devices can catch a child easily to get addicted to them. Whereas, it influences people and especially children in many good and bad ways. Technology devices have many bad impacts on all people in different ages and in many fields. Technology gadgets have negative effects on children in social relationships. Social relationships are very important in our life in all places. Technology nowadays is creating family division in each house because of the …show more content…

Everything became on tablets and laptops like books, so students will take to schools only tablets or laptops instead of carrying a bag. For example, in many schools they have stopped giving lectures in books and started using active boards because they are easier to write on. Students are obliged to study on these devices or unless they will fail their course. Education is important for each person on earth and at the same time they will achieve their goals that they have in mind. However, these devices diverts children in the classroom whether by texting or playing games. While the teacher is explaining the lecture to give, students will not focus in class if they have a cell phone in hand and using it during the session. This will reflect negatively on their studies and make the children not understand anything that is given in class (Ayas & Tarman,

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