Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In The Classroom?

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make sense to make it less of a challenge than itImagine that you’ve have studied for 2 months and finally feel confident and prepared, your big chapter test is here! You sit down and get your test, you know all the answers! You are flying through the test and suddenly you hear a buzz and the student across from you giggles. Ignore it, you think. You hear it again BUZZ, you get sidetracked and stare blankly at the test and try to regain focus and attempt to ignore it to the best of your ability. For students in classrooms that allow phones, this is a struggle faced daily and distraction is only the tip of the iceberg of dilemmas. Which is why phones definitely should not be allowed in the classroom. For one Cell phones should not be allowed …show more content…

Although this may be true, they aren’t very concrete opinions, teachers have phones in the classroom and in the main office so important calls wouldn’t be a problem, students may not be engaged in the lesson but rather their social lives and other applications. The preparation for the future would just be simply not using it at work, school or at inappropriate times. Furthermore, It would be utter chaos if phones were allowed in the classroom. Fights would be more common, It makes students less social and provides unfair opportunities. Alana Harvey, author or the article “Should Phones Be Allowed In The Classroom? Let’s Weigh The Pros and Cons.” says, “Not all students have access to a cell phone or other smart device. By banning cell phones from the classroom entirely, these students may not feel left behind or at a disadvantage compared to their peers.” Alana also said that if you get rid of phones “…you're creating a space where students will come to unplug from their otherwise hyper-connected life and to focus on the single task of learning.” The evidence conveys the advantages to not having phones in the classroom to a “T” and This final reason proves that the idea of phones being in the classroom should be disregarded, because there are just way too many issues surrounding

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