Should Cellphones Be Allowed In The Classroom

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make sense to make it less of a challenge than itImagine that you’ve have studied for 2 months and finally feel confident and prepared, your big chapter test is here! You sit down and get your test, you know all the answers! You are flying through the test and suddenly you hear a buzz and the student across from you giggles. Ignore it, you think. You hear it again BUZZ, you get sidetracked and stare blankly at the test and try to regain focus and attempt to ignore it to the best of your ability. For students in classrooms that allow phones, this is a struggle faced daily and distraction is only the tip of the iceberg of dilemmas. Which is why phones definitely should not be allowed in the classroom. For one Cell phones should not be allowed in the classroom because it would be much too hard to monitor so cheating on tests would be inevitable. Mary Brown, author of “Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In The Classroom?” claims that“Cell phones can also be used to help individuals cheat on exams because of their small size and access to endless information. The increased pressure to do well on tests makes this seem like a viable option.” Which means if cheating is an option you are more likely to do so.Which translates into cheating have become an easy option for a higher grade without the effort of studying.…show more content…
According to Mary Brown,“They can also be a mechanism for cyberbullying and the harassment of other students. The constant access to social media and to each other enables students to spread information or photos very quickly, which can make life unbearable for those being harassed. Rumors or something embarrassing about a teacher or classmate can be spread instantly.” This accessibility is a serious issue that can’t be overlooked, how can someone possibly allow this window of distraction and harassment to be
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