Use Of Cell Phones In Schools Essay

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Cellphones in Classrooms Debate

Cellphones in the classroom? Why debate over that? Couldn’t we keep the same method we have used for many years? Well, you’ll find out why soon enough. People are starting to suggest that using cell phones as a tool in classrooms will lower the amount of money spent on school supplies.Since our technology is evolving so much and has already evolved in many ways; learning won’t be such a hassle.Others are suggesting that it would benefit how much a student pays attention.Others say it allows student/parent contact without any trouble.Even though cell phones are banned in many schools they can be a very useful tool.Cell phones should be allowed to be used in school because the price on school supplies would be less of an expense, and students would be more likely to participate.In some cases of emergency cell phones would be better than waiting in a line for one phone.

First of all there are many tools are built into a cell phone. There are numerous applications that enable you to perform all of the operations of a scientific calculator.This helps reduce the amount of items that students must carry in their …show more content…

Cell Phones should be used in the classroom as a learning

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