Misused Of Mobile Phones In Schools Essay

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Most kids ages twelve to seventeen have cell phones, but 62% of schools don’t allow cell phones in the classroom. One day as I was walking to my class, I had my phone in my pocket, and my teacher stopped me. She told me I needed to put my phone in my locker, and I ended up being late and missed some instruction because I went and put it in my locker. Although some people may say that phones can create a distraction or be misused, the chromebooks/laptops the school provides also can be misused. The chromebooks are easy to play games on without a teacher knowing because you are supposed to be doing work on it while phones are much harder to play games on, without a teacher knowing. If I could change one rule at Princess Anne Middle School, I…show more content…
Even though students may misuse their privilege of having their mobile phones with them, chromebooks can also be misused. Students can easily mistreat their computers without a teacher noticing and confronting them. Students will simply play games while they are supposed to be doing school work or have their chromebooks open while they are supposed to be listening, and misuse their computer. Yes, cell phones can be misused, but it is difficult for an adult not to notice. Like if a student has their device out when they are not suppose to, it is obvious the device is not being used correctly. People may also say that students will not use their devices in an emergency, but students most likely will. If a student was going to stay after school, their bus is late, or the student needs to be picked up, they will probably need to let a parent know. The easiest way would be to text the parents. This is especially relevant in real emergencies. Students probably want to contact their parents to let them know they are fine if there was a school shooting, fire, or natural disaster. The point is, students would most likely contact their parents/guardians in these situations. So, students having the privilege to have their personal devices in the classroom would be an appropriate decision and would not be a waste of
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