Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School Research

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Phones Allowed in School Did you know phones can be used for educational purposes? Many students have phones and bring them to school, so why not allow them to be used? Cell phones were banned in schools because they thought it was related to drugs and gangs. As phones got smaller and easy to text, many more teens got them. Teachers began to worry about cheating and disruptions from phones in class. However, having phones in class benefits students because students are able to contact parents in an emergency, schools don 't have enough computers for each student, and using phones for reminders and notes.
Phones in school are important for when there are emergencies in school. One reason I believe this, is the Florida shooting that happened …show more content…

Since students are starting to have a lot of stuff to do as they get older they start to forget some of the stuff they have to do. Students having phones in class, they can type the notes down quicker than writing it, especially if the teacher is teaching really quickly. Also, more students have phones instead of planners and they are more likely to use phones instead of planners. Equally important, teachers can set up Remind101 to help students if they forget when an assignment is due. Sometimes the parents have connected with the teacher through remind101, but doesn 't tell the student when a remind went out. Furthermore, if the students were connected with their own phone they would get the notification. Richard Freed stated that “Research on college students who didn 't use their phones wrote down more notes, and got a higher grade.” ( Keep in mind, students can also use their phones to get answers quickly if the teacher cannot help them. Also, schools are unsure about allowing phones in schools because they are afraid of more cyberbullying. There is already cyberbullying, and just bullying in school without phones bullying won 't change much if you allow phones or not. If students want to bully, phones are taken away as discipline because sometimes the schools won 't do anything about bullying. Phones are privilege, if you can’t act responsible with them then you get discipline. In addition to this, students can send photos of the whiteboard, worksheets, or just tell their friends what is happening in class if they are missing school. That 's better than your friend texting you when they got home and they barely remember what they did in school. Phones will be beneficial in this way for

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