Persuasive Essay On Cell Phones

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Disconnected With more than five billion people in the world now owning some kind of mobile phone, it’s hard to imagine a world without these devices. Without your smartphone who would tend to your crops on Hay Day? Who would take care of your Snapstreaks while you’re gone? Who will you argue with about the true shape of our planet? Cell phone users today cling to their devices as if they are a newborn baby. Carrying it around everywhere they go, showing it off to friends and family, doing whatever they can to protect it, and keeping it away from strangers. We have become obsessed with these “magical” hunks of metal. In fact, “50% of cell phone users feel uneasy when they leave phones at home”. This addiction to cell phones has led me to the following question: is it even possible to live without phones anymore? In order to find the answer to this “seemingly impossible” question, I decided to face the treacherous challenge myself so you don’t have to. I’ve challenged myself to use my phone as little as possible for the next three weeks. For this challenge, I’m only allowed to use my phone for essential tasks, such as calling my parents or checking the time. I’ve also allowed …show more content…

I grew up using a computer and having smartphones readily available to me at all times. At this point in my life, I admit to being addicted to my phone. When I forget where I put it, I scramble to try to find it. I’m willing to shell out $90 dollars to put my phone in a protective case so that it will never break. My phone is so important to me and in all honesty, I don’t even know why I value it so much. Despite how important technology is to my life, I thought that giving up my phone for three weeks would be a piece of cake. The majority of the applications I use on my phone can be found on my laptop and I thought I wasn’t that addicted to my phone in comparison to others my age. I was

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