Why Kids Should Be Allowed To Have Phones In School

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Cell phones in school Kids not being able to bring cellphones to school is unacceptable.Accidents happen almost every day at school and your kid might just be in one. kids who aren’t able to use there phones in school are in risk of danger because they can't contact their parent or any authority for help if anything happens to them,since kids spend a lot of time on their phones an important message that may be a threat to the school and can tell authorities to handle the problem like if there was to be a fight at school a lot of people would have known about it but not told anyone. Kids should be allowed to have phones in school because they show responsibility, they help look up information,they help to take notes, and help when you are in a dangerous situation. Kids should be allowed be to have cell phones in school because the help if you're ever in a dangerous situation,for example if someone was about to have a fight at school some was bringing a knife and everyone knew about it someone could call an adult and tell them about the situation so no one will get hurt. Bringing phones to school insure safety and prevents parent form stressing to much because very often parents stress about their kids because they don't know where they are or if something happen to them and then they stress which isn't good …show more content…

Kids that show they are responsible to have a phone can take it to school and return with it with no one trying to steal it or even lose it. Kids that show that they are responsible with small stuff like a phones often to lead to them getting more rewards because their parents have trusted that they are responsible enough to have one. Kids being able to have phones show that they are responsible to have one and should be trusted by the authorities at school to have

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