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Marching band is one of the most underrated sports, but is also one of the greatest due to the physical and mental strength required to to be successful at it. Instead of making this essay all about why I should be a section leader of next years Alto Saxophones, I have decided to write about why a specific team of saxes should be next years section leaders.

After watching the huge change in the flute section this year with three section leaders, I asked myself, if the flutes could do it, then why can’t we? The section has pretty much accepted that Kristina will be a section leader as long as she applies. A majority of us have no problem with that because she deserves it. In the case that we only have two section leaders next year, David
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Naturally all marching band sections are going to be arrogant and feel that they are the best. This arrogance at times is a good thing, because it is great to feel proud of the section that you are in, but at other times it is taken to far which leads to my point of the discrimination present. The two main cases of section discrimination I have witnessed while in the Sax section were against the Flutes and the Trombones. My freshman year was the year that we felt that we were not only the best section but the flutes were garbage and not capable of doing anything right. That mentality does not allow for a very good relationship between sections. This past year it was a little different, in the sense that we discriminated against the trombones. There were some issues that created a divide between the sections, one of which being that not only the saxes, but many of the woodwind sections felt that the trombones were the most favorited section based on the fact that Kelcey was a drum major. None of the discrimination that was present in our section was necessary. In order to create a better band we do still need some arrogance but we also need to respect the other sections and our own section members, which is my next point. Discrimination within sections is in reality a bigger issue than the previous one. This past season was interesting and did include discrimination within the section. Most if not all discrimination within the section was directed at Will. It mainly started after we caught him in a couple of lies. Instead of doing the right thing and confronting him about it, we took it out on him through discriminatory comments. They were based on his lifestyle and who he was dating. Neither of which should be any concern to us unless they put us in danger. I will admit that I was part of some of the comments that were said and regret that.
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