Mechanism In William Golding's The Lord Of The Flies

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Sigmund Freud, an influential psychologist, theorized about the use of defense of mechanisms. These mechanisms are triggered when one is faced with stress or a difficult situation. One of these defense mechanisms is regression, where one will regress back to psychological state that comforts them. In the book The Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Ralph, Jack, and a whole crew of boys are subject to great stress and harmful situations. The boys were on a plane fleeing the terror of war, when their plane was struck down and crashed on a tropical island. This island has no adults, no civilization, and no rules, making it seemingly perfect for a group of young boys. The boys’ adventures are full of insanity, fun, and fear. The plot of this …show more content…

It’s also important in his characterization by showing that he is one of the more clear-minded characters that realizes how important adult supervision is. Piggy is already uneasy about the whole plane crash on an island situation, in this feeling of insecurity, that he is already being abandoned by Ralph, forces him to want to feel safe and content. His auntie is the person that makes him feel safe because prior to the war he lived with her and she kept him safe and on the right path by instituting rules and directing him with phrases he can easily remember. This theme is also shown soon after they had discovered that there were no grownups and also after Ralph and Piggy’s initial interaction when Ralph was swimming and Piggy was waiting patiently on the shore. Piggy asks Ralph where he learned to swim and Ralph responds with, “‘I could swim when I was five. Daddy taught me. He’s a commander in the Navy. When he gets leave he’ll come and rescue us.’ (13)” This is significant because it shows an important characteristic of Ralph that when he realizes that there are no grownups with them, he doesn’t instantly forget that they exist, along with the rules they institute. His safe thought is the feeling of hope that his Dad gives him. Ralph believes in his dad and thinks he can do

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