Eulogy For Lord Of The Flies

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This boy was only dreading his trip to his new private school 30,000 feet in the air before blacking out and finding himself stranded and alone in a deserted island. But within the short time span of five weeks, he’s innocence was taken from him. I am lucky to interview Ralph Bradshaw, age 12, after weeks of silence, of his deadly, horrifying experience in the stranded island he would call “Hell” itself. Many know the tale of the 47 boys mysteriously disappearing and found wild-like, but Ralph knows there was more to it. After befriending Stanley and Simon, (seen in Pg. 2) he was appointed leader by majority vote. Little did he know about the sworn enemy he has just made. The first tact he thought of was to make a fire, as a signal to other stray boats of planes to rescue them. Ralph saw the fire as hope, since it died out when no one helped, and when it thrived when everyone worked together. …show more content…

Ralph has noticed a drifting between the boys, due to both of him lacking leadership, and to the hunters’ growing free-spirited but crazy morals. He noticed the longer they were away from home, the more sanity they loss. Within the last few weeks, Ralph lost his two only friends due to the horrid actions of the hunters. Seeing Stanley killed for the humor of a hunter, and glimpsing at Simon being stabbed and torn apart both made Ralph realized that not only the voice of reason and justice is gone, but also their hope of redemption, to be rescued. Even after counseling and therapy, Ralph himself felt like those mere five weeks were dreading, endless years, as if he matured throughout time spent on the

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