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Emily Riva:Hey JJ, You’ve always told us that if we need any help with anything, especially our faith, we could come to you. Well, I’m struggling. I know I’ll never know why God does some of the things he does, but is it okay to be really mad at him? I had a million feelings and thoughts running through my head, all at once. I stared at my phone screen, on Facebook, waiting for her to respond. I hoped she was near hers. Her name has a green bubble next to it.I needed her now, I couldn’t wait. Jenny Longfellow:Hey Em, it is okay to be mad, just remember where to direct your anger. God allows bad things to happen in order to grow our faith and trust in him. The hardest lessons in life to learn are ones like these that make no sense to us. My aunt, …show more content…

I talked to my dad about my faith and he asked me where my faith stood. Because we don’t go to church, we don’t really talk about God unless it’s serious. And honestly, I didn’t know. I don’t know now. But I want to be closer and have a stronger faith. While I was typing this to my aunt through Facebook, it got me thinking and realizing where I actually stood when it came to my religion. I was confused, worried, and curious. All those years at church in elementary school became unimportant. Everything I learned there was gone. I felt like I entered into a new world with much curiosity. Jenny Longfellow: I know this is frustrating and when we feel helpless and out of control in situations, especially when they involve our loved ones, we get angry and don’t know what to do. When we start to understand who God really is by reading his word, we start to understand why we are here, and who we are living for...not ourselves but Him. This all makes sense. All She did is reminding me what those elementary Wednesday nights were and what they taught me. I wasn’t in a new world, I was lost. She was the light showing me that I had gone off the path, and she was bringing me back to where I

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