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The Bible can mean different things to many different people. It can symbolize hope, forgiveness, and passion. To me, it symbolizes all that and more. To me, the bible symbolizes a new begging, friendship, family, and love. As I have mentioned in earlier post's moving to Columbus has been very hard on me, leaving everything I know, and leaving the most important people in my life, my family. When I arrived in Columbus I felt extremely lost. I had no clue why I went to a school so far away and a school where I hardly fit in. After a few weeks of being in Columbus, a few of my friends invited me to go to church with them. I was weary of going. I had only been to church a few times in my life and always felt so out of place. I never understood what was going on. I felt that everyone would stare at me when I didn't know a song or how to locate Luke in the Bible.

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On 11/7/16 I truly knew that God had a plan for me. Part of his plan was for me to move to Columbus so I could find Him. I remember we were in the middle of a song, and I just started to ball my eyes out. I had felt this warmth take over me. For the first time in my life, I felt as if I was connected to something bigger than myself. After we were done for the night, I couldn't wait to tell Lisa what had happened. I didn't know it was called being saved, I just knew that something amazing had happened. We spent the rest of my time at college house that night praying, thanking him for his glory, and for finding me when I needed him most. The rest of my night, I spent calling my family and friends and telling them the amazing news.

From that moment on I have been fully devoted to my faith. I try to go to church any chance that I can get. I attended College house, a women's bible study and recently also started attending Second Story which is a youth group aimed at college

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