Personal Narrative: My Conversion Testimony

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My Conversion Testimony When I was young, I attend church with my neighbors and friends. When I became a teenager, my parents made me go to church. I loved church so I did not have a problem going, but I did not know the reason for attending church. I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus. After I became a young adult, I started partying and I did not want to go to church. I worked five days a week and party every Saturday. I continued that pattern for a long time. I would hang out with my friends late at night until one day I got sick. I was in so much pain that I had to be rush to the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital, they ran test and found out I had a kidney stone. I was treated for the kidney stone and released from …show more content…

I attend bible study on Tuesday and I attend choir rehearsal on Saturday. I am a member of the devotion team. I serve as a lay servant at church. I love serving God and he has blessed and anointed me with spiritual gifts. I love the Lord and I am willing to be obedient to the calling he has restored on my life. I love you and Jesus loves you. If you need a friend and someone to talk to I am here and Jesus will also listen to you. Jesus loves you and will help you in any situation. All you must do is repent of your sins and accept him into your life. No matter what you are going through, he will help you. I would like to invite you to get to know him by inviting you to my church and for lunch. Remember, Jesus is the way and he is our savior. Jesus loves and cares about you and I care about you too. Would you accept him as your personal savior today by repenting of your sins and asking him to come into your life. I realize this might not be the time, but if it is will you accept him. Jesus will accept you with open arms. I feel led to pray so would you like to pray with me? Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light. Jesus has commanded me to love him with my whole heart and he has commanded me to love my neighbors as myself. Jesus also commanded me to go out into the world and win the people to come to Christ. Again, I love the Lord and I am willing to do his will no matter how hard it gets. I will pray and ask God for guidance

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