Narrative Essay On Religion

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“In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.” I said as i dutifully made the sign of the cross and picked up my book of hymns. As the organist began playing, I stared at the large golden cross that hung above the altar, its metallic sheen contrasting with the deep green marble. I was baptized as a Catholic, attended a Catholic elementary school and high school, and attended church every Sunday with my family. I made my first reconciliation and received a small silver cross necklace with a tiny peridot in the center. When I made my first communion, I wore a white dress with all the other little girls in my class, and had a big party with my family afterwards where I was given gifts of well-wishes and love from my family. However, like with many young adults, when I grew older I began to question my faith. My religion classes became more complicated than “Jesus loves you” and “treat others as you would want to be treated”. Religion became more and more political, and as I grew older, I began to question what I had been taught. My feelings of uneasiness with the teachings of the church grew. Women could not be priests, but we were all equal in God’s eyes. Couples could not be divorced, so people in abusive relationships were expected to stay in …show more content…

Though I no longer accept their doctrine, I have a deep respect for many aspects of the Catholic Church and all religions that bring acceptance and goodwill to the world. Today, I like to say that my religion is kindness. In my experience on this earth, I’ve found that the only thing that really matters is how we treat others today, and not so much where we’ll be when we die. I try not to think that far ahead. Instead, I focus on how I can make the world a little better now. I don’t regret my time in the Catholic church, but I’m glad I’ve found a way of life that feels right for my own beliefs; beliefs I live to their fullest potential every

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