Compare And Contrast Essay On Religion And Philosophies

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Have you ever wondered how religion and philosophies affected daily life? Well they affected life a lot and in many different ways. Religions and Philosophies throughout India and China affected the people’s lives that lived there. People that lived here believed in many things and lived the way they wanted to live their life. For example, many people believed in some type of god. Religion and Philosophies like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Chinese Philosophies affected daily life in China and India in many different. One place life was affected was India. There were the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. In these cultures people believed in many things. Hinduism was the first to start here in India. According to Document A, Hindu people believed in many gods and they believed in the process of reincarnation. There was also a caste system in Hinduism. This system separated the people into groups where they had different jobs. Also they believed in karma and dharma. Dharma is the duty a person must achieve in the time they live. Karma is based on your actions so if you have good actions, you will have good karma and if you …show more content…

There were Chinese Philosophies. According to Document B there were 3 philosophies which were Confucianism, Legalism, and Daoism. They all had their beliefs and thoughts about life. Confucianism was founded by Confucius and the rules were respect you elders, education is very important, and rule by example. Legalism was founded by Han Feizi and the rules were people can’t be trusted, strict government and laws, harsh punishments, and no book no worship. Daoism was founded by Laozi and the rules were achieve oneness with the Dao, see yourself as a part of nature, live in harmony with nature, you don’t need laws, and leaders should be good. Also there was a feudal system which was like a social class for the Chinese where people were ranked. All of these three philosophies but they all affect life in

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