Founding Fathers Observation Report

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The presuppositions I had before taking this class concerning the history of psychology were based on the things I had learned previously about the founding fathers of psychology. The thoughts that I had were that many of the founding fathers were not very stable themselves. I also had learned that there was a lot of cocaine abuse in those early days, which added to my disrespect for some of the people who had been instrumental in launching psychology as a scientific study. In addition to the lack of faith in the character of these founding fathers, I had also come to the conclusion that they had very little solid data for their conclusions and even among their peers there was a lot of skepticism regarding their conclusions. Without measurable research based on solid data and controlled studies that the field of psychology has had to fight hard to become a reputable science.
My view has changed a little bit. As I was exposed to a bit more about some of the founding fathers my esteem for them increased. I was able to appreciate some of their strengths as
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I am a whole-hearted follower of Jesus. My own life was completely transformed when I was saved by grace alone and truly understood the free gift of salvation. I am overwhelmed by His love for me and as a result I long to bring Him glory and honor by being a vessel of His grace and mercy. The Holy Spirit is the only true transformer, everything else will eventually fail us. When we get to know Him well and trust Him wholeheartedly, we are free to live and walk by His power and with His peace. The freedom that His love brings to us is what everyone longs for and yet they so often assume that freedom is the last thing that they will embrace with they turn their life over to God. I want to help people live free and abundant lives in Jesus. Not just for their own sake but also for the sake of all who may have the opportunity to know Him
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