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What is acting? Acting is where one person takes in the role, behavior, attitudes, and other traits of another person or character in a script for either a film or play. With an acting major you will spend a lot of time working on your body and the way you move on stage. In most acting majors you will have six main classes that you must take to graduate. You will have to have a class for acting, voice for actors, movement, improvisation, theatre history, and maybe an actor coaching class depending on what college you go to. Depending on the college or University you attend, these may be the same or they may be different. (The College Board) For some people acting is what they see on television and they think it is simple and easy, but it is not. When acting it takes a lot of had work and dedication to even be a decent actor or actress. For the past couple of year, acting is all I have know to do and it is something that I enjoy to do even though I do not get paid to do it. When acting, I do not have to be myself, but I am the character and when I am on a stage I do not get afraid or nervous because the people will not judge me. Some people will say that going into an acting major is not a smart decision because it's hard to get a job with it, but I'm willing to work hard and do …show more content…

Those classes will help you become a better actor or actress when on stage or in a film. One of the classes you will have to take is an acting class. This may seem like obvious class you would have to take, but it is very important. This class will help you use emotion when you portray a character. Once you take the basic acting class, you will be able to show a more flexibility and range as an actor or actress. You will be able to do so much more in acting like listening and responding to another actor more reflexively and it will sound more proficient in your acting. (Academy of Art

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