Personal Narrative: The Real Care Baby Project

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Baby Project

This past weekend I embarked on a journey, and no probably not the journey you think of. This weekend I had to take home the Real Care Baby project. Going into this project I was not really quite sure what to expect. I mean I have heard stories about how this baby project is an awful experience and how it will ruin my weekend. For example, just walking into the parenting room to pick up my baby a teacher laughed when she heard I was going to be taking home the baby and said, “You have to take the baby home? That is awful, it was easily the worst weekend of my High School years.” Hearing this did not really sit well with me and needless to say I became nervous of what the weekend would hold for me. At this point I guess …show more content…

One of the things I found to be more difficult was homework. While trying to do my homework I was constantly being interrupted in the middle of a Math problem, or English sentence. This made the whole process very difficult, I could not get enough time to focus on what I was trying to accomplish. This made my homework take way longer than it should have. Another thing it made it difficult to do was have a social life. Some of my friends texted me and asked if I wanted to do something this weekend. The only response I had was, “Sorry man, I have my baby project this weekend and I need to stay close to it.” The baby really hindered any plans I had and made a social life nearly impossible. If I were too have a baby at this moment it would drastically change my future plans. I would have to stay close to home and immediately get a job to support my baby. This is not something I am interested in doing. I want to be able to go anywhere I want and to any college I want, but if I had a baby this would not be the case.
In conclusion, I learned that the Real Care Baby Project was a very positive experience. It has taught me what it would be like if I had a kid around and it has also taught me about responsibility. I learned that if I had a kid it would drastically change my life. And I am just not ready for these kind of changes. The Real Care Baby Project has shown me that I do not want to have a baby until I am much, much

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