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The baby project is a huge topic to write about, no I don 't mean controversial I mean struggle, and how much this simple project can change your view in teen pregnancy and having to take care of a kid at this age. It may seem all simple and easy but thanks to this project we learned how hard it can all become at the end.
As the "father" of the baby, I believe I didn’t do the most I could when came to taking care of a baby. I strongly believe I could had done much more to help. From taking the baby for more time, to even making sure all the time it was intact and okay. One thing for sure I can say it is not as easy as I thought it would be. In fact it was completely the opposite; how you may be asking if it 's just a flour baby, but in fact it was a huge responsibility not just for the grade but to make sure it stayed in one piece.
First off something I believe everyone would agree with was the annoyance of having to carry the baby all around school and keep it intact doing our best so nothing would happen to it. At first with the curiosity of everyone it was ormal if people asked to hold it and it was a high chance
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The problem wasn 't the awkwardness of people staring because of carrying a baby around. The struggle was having to multitask with it, and make sure you always had supervision over it. You just couldn 't leave it in some classroom for the time you went somewhere else, you had to take it with you it wasn’t a option unless you wanted to lose major points just cause you couldn 't take it with you for an extra hour or two. Also you had to remember you had the baby to begin with, since we weren 't used of having it at first it was easy of leaving it behind but as time went on you got used to it you knew when you had it and when you didn 't so you wouldn 't be able to leave it behind and run the risk of losing points for a huge mistake like forgetting it or leaving it
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