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A neonatologist is a doctor involved in treating and caring for high-risk infants. They work with premature infants, or those born prior to thirty-seven weeks of pregnancy, to infants with birth defects. They also help and work with the prenatal care of high-risk infants. Neonatology fits in the health sciences pathway. A neonatologist creates a medical treatment plan, provides assistance during delivery, provides medical treatment, and ensures proper medication and care. Neonatologists can work any hour of the day, any day of the year. They spend a lot of time on their feet and for long periods of time.

A neonatologist must have genuine care for patients, the ability to work long hours and to work well under stress, good communication skills, …show more content…

The first step is graduate high school and complete a college degree, which typically takes at least four years. After the completion of college, you need to apply to a medical school. Many medical schools require GPA’s of at least 3.2 and a high score on the MCAT. In about four years you will earn your Doctor of Medicine, and apply for a residency. A residency for a neonatologist consist of thirteen block rotations each lasting four weeks. After completing a residency, you will do a three-year fellowship specifically in the field of Neonatology. Once completing your fellowship, you can apply for a job and began an official career as a Neonatologist. At the beginning you will be a doctor with others, but over time you can advance to eventually the director of the Neonatal Program at the hospital. In Oklahoma the best medical school option is OU Medical College. They work side by side with the Children's Hospital of Oklahoma, you can have the best education possible. Out of state the best personal option in the University of Utah Medical School. They also are connected with a children's hospital. There are many other astounding medical schools, but these are the optimum choice for my …show more content…

While in high school, I will take AP Biology, AP Literature, AP Language, AP US History, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, and Anatomy and Physiology. Even though they are not all science related, AP classes I take in high school will exempt me from taking them in college. As a result, I will have fewer required classes to take enabling me to graduate earlier. After high school, I will attend Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I will major in Biology which will earn me a Bachelor's of Science. While at BYU, I will volunteer at Primary Children's and work a job with enough hours to meet my needs, but have time to devote to my studies. I will work hard to make outstanding grades and put the time in necessary to see positive results. After graduation, I will attend Oklahoma University College of Medicine, where I will earn my Doctor of Medicine and specialize in Neonatology. I will complete my residency and fellowship with OU at OU Children's Hospital. Once graduating, I will obtain a job and work as a Neonatologist in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at OU Children's Hospital. If I cannot work at OU Children’s Hospital I would equally enjoy working at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Both hospitals have amazing staffs and goals. At either job the expected salary is of eventually $240,000. My dream is to work for many years, but eventually to complete my

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