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  • A Career In Pediatrics

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    A career in pediatrics If you love children and medicine is your calling, becoming a pediatrician is an excellent way to make a difference. “Pediatricians are physicians who provide health care to infants, children, and adolescent”. Typically a pediatrician meets your patient soon after birth and takes care of the patient through his or her teenage years. Part of a pediatrician job is preventive medicine (well care). Which means that they have to see their patients periodically for routine health

  • Career In Pediatrics

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    the most rewarding occupations to pursue. Ever since I started school I have always wanted to be a doctor and help my community. The further I progress in my education the more passionate I become about obtaining a medical career, specifically in pediatrics. The STEM field is always evolving with the addition of new techniques and technology to meet society’s changing needs. Medicine in particular is an area that is striving for new developments in diagnostics and treatments. Due to intensive research

  • Pediatric Interventional Cardiology Case Study

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    Pediatric interventional cardiology is a passion and a dream which I hope one day to realize. During my first pediatric residency training, I realized the depth of my interest in cardiology. I found pleasure and interest in all the pediatric cardiology rotations; however, cardiac catheterization, despite the limited sophistication with which it was performed, captivated me. As there were no training opportunities available back home and few interventional procedures can be done due to lack of experience

  • Essay On Becoming A Physical Therapist

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    I am planning on becoming a Pediatric Physical Therapist. Pediatric physical therapists are physical therapists that specialize in treating and caring for patients who are toddlers, babies, children, teenagers and young adults. They treat conditions related to genetic, neurological and orthopedic disorders. Techniques like functional training and exercise are used alongside medication and diet changes. I love working with kids so I decided I would like to do something that had to do with helping

  • Essay On Pediatrician

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    A career in pediatrics If you love children and medicine is your calling, becoming a pediatrician is an excellent way to make a difference. “Pediatricians are physicians who provide health care to infants, children, and adolescent”(Ferguson). Usually a pediatrician meets your patient soon after birth and takes care of the patient through his or her teenage years. A portion of a pediatrician’s job is preventive medicine, also known as well care, which means that they have to see their patients

  • Disadvantages Of Pacifiers

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    Another reason for this is that sucking on a pacifier might aid in opening up air space around an infant’s mouth and nose, thus ensuring adequate oxygen supply. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests the use of pacifiers for babies below 1 yr of age at naptime and bedtime (preferably after the baby is at least 1 month old). Helps in relieving pain Sucking on a pacifier after getting a vaccination can help to relieve pain. Helps premature babies suck Premature babies can benefit from

  • Neurology Reflection

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    Children Hospital with the pediatrics neurology team were full of knowledge and interest. One main reason why I have chosen to be with the pediatric neurology team even though I have not taken the neurology block at my medical school yet; is that I wanted to be exposed to real neurological scenarios and get the opportunity to learn about their complexity with full responsibility. My major goals were to learn about the basics of neuroscience, to know how to take proper pediatric history and learn the basics

  • Growth Charts Case Study

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    Due to the last of the senses to be developed is sight, even for full term babies as vision matures after birth, it is understandable that premature babies may have issues with vision (March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, 2010c). If a baby is born before 24 weeks gestation, the preterm baby may not have developed all the crucial structures for vision; and the preterm baby may be born with his or her eyelids closed, if born before 26 weeks, but his or her eyelids will open as they mature closely

  • Medical Simulation In Medical Education

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    The undergraduate curriculum at the medical school of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) has a duration of twelve semesters (six years) and is divided into the preclinical and clinical courses. The medical students follow the preclinical courses in the first three years of their studies. They attend lectures and participate in laboratories' exercises about basic sciences, such as Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Medical Physics, Physiology, Anatomy, Histology, Pathology, Microbiology and

  • I Want To Become A Physician Assistant (PA)

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    The field of medicine and healthcare has always appealed to me from a young age. Specifically, I became fascinated with the causes of illnesses, an interest that fueled my need to research and satisfy my curiosity. Throughout my academic path, I have focused on getting closer to my goals and have worked diligently. Indeed, my passion for becoming a Physician Assistant (PA) was solidified after I gained experience shadowing a physician and became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). I believe that

  • Assignment: Neonatal Nutrition

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    Faculty of pharmacy Pharmaceutics department Assignment topic: Neonatal paternal nutrition Course title: Hospital pharmacy Course code: PT521 Lab group: C Submitted to: Dr.Dalia Abdel Aty Prepared by: Zaid Mohammed Areed – 112955 Due date: 13 may 2016 Spring 2016 Introduction parenteral nutritional support is important in our life for infants which is cant get enough of nutrient due to several reasons like problem in GIT which is maybe continuous for several weeks or more . so

  • Epidemiology Essay Sample

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    My biostatistics and epidemiology classes at medical school turned out to be my defining professional moment. I discovered my passion in research methodology and decided to pursue my future career as an epidemiologist. My excellent mathematical background, along with my passion for medicine made me appreciate how the epidemiology is an artistic and indispensable part of medicine in general and public health in particular. Aside from the fact of being the core of public health, it is a very versatile

  • Anesthesiologist Characteristics

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    majoring in anesthesiology completes a four-year residency program. Subspecialties: After terminating their residency program, they may complete an additional fellowship year in a specific domain like: - Pain management - Cardiac anesthesia - Pediatric anesthesia - Neurology anesthesia - Obstetric anesthesia - Critical care medicine. They may also seek certification in some subspecialties with additional training and examinations. c- Function of the anesthetist as a physician: Anesthesia as

  • The Importance Of Medical Education

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    Medical education is area of education identified with the practice of being a medical professional, either the initial basic training to turn into a doctor (i.e., medical school or internship position), after graduation additional training (e.g., fellowship and residency), or doctor assisted education. (Arshad, 2013). The medical education represents diversity in different nations; a few courses are 4-year graduate entrance program, others are 5 or 6 years undergrad programs. Numerous courses have

  • Hepatologists Case Study

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    term and can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. If diagnosed with chronic hep B, consultation with an experienced liver specialist, gastroenterologist or hepatologist, is a must. If the patient in case is a child, then the right choice would be a pediatric gastroenterologist or hepatologis. Frequent visits to the specialist will not be required, unless undergoing treatment, as in some cases more blood work and monitoring is needed, but this is usually for short periods of time. Therapy is necessary

  • Leadership Identity Development Model

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    "Nothing in a doctor’s medical education qualifies him to be a leader" - Larry L. Mathis (1). Although based on Leadership Identity Development model, the first step to develop leadership skills in students is forming the identity of being a leader, but there are little investigations on this issue in TBL as a ground to practice leadership. The Komives et al (2) Proposed a model for developing leadership aim to help educators in facilitating leadership development in students. In the Leadership Identity

  • Literature Review: Down Syndrome

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    CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW Literature review is an assessment report of the studies found in the current literature that comply with the selected research area. Literature review is an essential part of the research. In order to successfully conduct this research, a good literature review is needed to gain more relevant information. There are lots of sources available for literature review such as journal articles, books, online materials, websites and others. Before we conduct the research

  • Importance Of Life In Europe

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    Life in Europe was good especially when I was learning everyday something new and going to the university, as if it were some place for greater good. The university in Europe attracted me a lot, not Life in Europe was good especially when I was learning every day something new and going to the university, as if it were some place for greater good. The university in Europe captivated me a lot, not because people often dream of studying in Europe, but because Europe was always on my priority list

  • CHC Observation In The Aga Khan University College

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    CHC Observation- A Reflective Note Ahmed Nadeem – 507125 The Aga Khan University Medical College is definitely, what some would call it, a unique institution- unique in the sense that it helps its students get a more practical approach to learning. It values and preaches a learning process that is not limited to mere large class formats or presentations per say, but to a holistic system where ‘what you learn’ is linked to ‘how to apply what you have learned’ from the very inception of an individual’s

  • Essay About Future Teacher

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    a. The passion I have for my future career is sometimes hard to put into words. Education has not always been my first choice as a career – originally I wanted to grow up and pursue a profession in the medical field. It wasn’t until middle school that I truly started to realize the impact of a teacher and the importance of educators. During middle school, I was bullied to the point of wanting to take my own life. I was also the student who was going through agony at home, while still having to go