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The job responsibilities of an OB/GYN can go as little as prescribing medication for their patient, and as big as performing surgery on their patient. “A gynecologist is also responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of the female reproduction system disorders and diseases. They may become involved in the general healthcare of women related to topics such as nutrition or diseases that affect only women” (How to become a gynecologist). The job responsibilities of an OB/GYN is the patient. An OB/GYN first has to examine the patient to make sure everything is okay. If there are issues with the patient, the OB/GYN has to evaluate any diseases if any. If the patient needs treatments prescribed, the OB/GYN can prescribe them …show more content…

If the patient needs surgery, the OB/GYN can perform the surgical procedure. “They are licensed to perform surgical procedures when necessary” (How to become a gynecologist). An OB/GYN does many different duties on the job. If needed, the gynecologist can perform surgical procedures. There are many types of surgical procedures that an OB/GYN can perform, such as a hysterectomy, where the women’s uterus, by having the uterus removed the patient can no longer get pregnant. Other surgeries that can be performed are gynecologic cancer surgeries, bladder surgeries, and ovarian tumor removals. The job responsibilities of an OB/GYN is to check on the patients that they are responsible for, delivering babies, prescribe any medication the patients need, and perform any surgeries …show more content…

"Entering into medical school requires a bachelor 's degree" (What are the educational requirements to be a Gynecologist). In order to get into medical school, a bachelor 's degree is a necessity. The bachelor 's degree has to be completed from an accredited university. The bachelor 's degree can be in biology, psychology, or chemistry. The bachelor 's degree is a four-year degree. The next step after obtaining a bachelor 's degree, is to take and pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) to get accepted into medical school. Medical school takes up four years. "To continue your training and become specialized in gynecology, you must complete a residency program" (What are the educational requirements to be a Gynecologist). The next biggest jump in becoming a gynecologist is to complete a residency program. The residency program takes four years. The goal of the residency program is where one gains a very well understanding of all aspects of the specialty, as well as subspecialties of gynecological surgery and reproductive endocrinology. The residency program serves as a way to better understand and acquire the clinical knowledge that is needed to assist patients in matters pertaining to actual clinical situations. The residency program is as a paid internship in which you work under

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