A Career As A MRI Technician

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MRI Techs are professionals and trained to be who they are. MRI Technicians are certified and learn how to create many things.
Title of my health career MRI Technicians are here to create a 3-demensional model of organs and tissues in the body. They use cutting edge technology to create things that are inside our bodies. These studies are great for learning about our muscles, brain and heart. The studies are also useful for studying certain types of cancers like tumors.
Education Requirements Most universities, such as Kaplan University (a worldwide college), states that you need to be a high school graduate or have completed your GED. In college you can have an associate’s degree, or higher, in radiologic technology or any related field. …show more content…

You can be a MRI Technologist in just a couple years. You can just have an associate’s degree and still be a MRI Technologist. Also you can go up through to a bachelors degree.
There is many places to go such as Kaplan University’s and Florida’s Hospital College of Health Sciences. Kaplan University doubles as an online college for people who maybe have a disability or can’t study in a class room environment. Kaplan University is a great college to go to get your degree as a MRI Technician.
Types of Jobs
If you are an MRI Technician you can study other subjects. The areas depend on the interest of the person themselves. If an MRI Technician you can specialize as a pediatric, cardiac, neurological or intraoperative imaging. An MRI Technician can branch off into many categories, especially since it’s a medical career. Some people who have specialized in this career even went back to school. Some have trained as nurses, or maybe a nuclear medicine technologist

MRI Technicians earn an annual salary of $66,050. That was surveyed in May 2013. The middle of 80% of Techs that were surveyed earned about $45, 820 and $90,160. In metropolitan areas salaries tend to be …show more content…

MRI Technicians need to be in good health and require stamina. MRI Techs may need to assist people who can’t do any physical activity. Such as moving people from wheel chairs, gurneys, and lifting onto the scanner table. They may also need to position body parts or any piece of medical equipment. These professionals spend May hours on their feet each and every shift. MRI Techs always need to pay attention to detail such as physicians instructions. If they don’t they can risk the lives of others. The need to obtain every bit of information the doctors give

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