Personal Narrative: My Trip To Horizon High School

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All throughout school I strived to be a great student, always trying my best and never giving up. I didn’t really have any life changing moments that shaped me into who I am today that is, until freshman year. That year everything changed for me I was faced with challenges I never had to face before. My brother and I are three in a half years apart and he went to Horizon High School for his freshman and sophomore year. He was a troublemaker to say the least didn’t have the best reputation so all the teachers there thought that I was just like him. When I started there no one really knew my name and then once they saw my last name they started to be rude to me and say rude things to me. Even when I did good on work I still got a bad grade just because the …show more content…

My parents didn’t believe me, they thought that I was just making things up so I could miss school. I ended up getting mono and missing a month and a half of school. I feel so far behind that it was hard to even catch up, when I did get back to school finally I was going in on off hours and staying after to catch up on my work. The only teacher who wanted to help me was my math teacher. When I did ask for help my teacher told me that I was “stupid” in front of the whole class. I was embarrassed and felt like that shy little girl again who was afraid of the world and to talk to people. These teachers made me feel like I was worthless and that I wouldn’t go anywhere in life. That’s when I knew that I had to leave, if I didn’t I knew I would always seen in my brother’s shadow and not in my own light. Since I was little I have always been shy and never really spoke up or defended myself, but from that year in school I learned that it’s okay to defend yourself and I learned to speak up. I became someone who doesn’t let people walk all over her anymore and I became determined to prove everyone wrong about

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