North Cape Narrative

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Getting asked “What school do you go to?” I answer, “North Cape”. They then look with a confused smirk and ask “Where’s that?”
“In the middle of nowhere, between Franksville and Union Grove,” I answer. To me, it 's almost as if it 's a famous line I’ve made because of how many times I answer that question. Attending a small school for now 5 years, I understand that most kids at my age go to a larger middle school with a graduating class of approximately 200-300 kids in their class, but going to a large school, teachers don 't have time to spend on a specific individual for many things, and I find myself lucky to get that at North Cape. Going through many situations and conflicts at North Cape led me in temporary unfortunate paths, but greatly impacted my reason to try and change to become a more successful individual in my education and life that made a permanent change. It all started 7th grade year, I wasn 't trying, it was as simple as that, until I received a suspension that was for an unnecessary conflict. I then had decided to try and get good grades and do something worth my time and put a smile on my family’s face. Because of the decision I made, things got better and made me feel better as a person, and made me realize I’m not only doing this for my family; I 'm doing it for myself. Departing the B and C’s for A’s, had made me think of …show more content…

Spending time with the same 20 kids for 5 years and some for 9 years, you become a small family-- the North Cape family that you see more than your real family during certain times. Getting to see everybody every day can get tiring, in which you want out, but realizing that I 'm going to actually graduate in 15 days, it makes me think of all the good times and how I’m going to miss not going to the same school as my brother and having to make new bonds with new people nonstop and getting new teachers every year that could care more than others or not care as much, and to me 90% of a teacher 's job is caring for

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