Cheez It Box Monologue

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Today, Cheez-Its were banned at school. I can’t believe that they would do this! I was in the cafeteria when it happened, and I believe it was a small thing that happened.You know boys are going to jack around, but don’t blame everybody for it. Today is November 14, 2019, and it was a peaceful day in Sundown. All the students were in the cafeteria and eating their lunch. A table of boys pulled out Cheez-Its and started to crush them in their hands. All the people around them were asking them to stop, but they didn’t, so I got up and walked over to their table to ask them directly to stop. They looked at me and laughed. The nerves they have!!! I snatch the Cheez-it box and started to walk away when they threw all of the crushed Cheez-Its at

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