Flamin Hot Cheetos Research Paper

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The flamin hot cheetos May not be as good as you thought, childrensma.org says Flamin Hot Cheetos adds the burning sensation Which maximise the opiate release. This snack is putting kids in the ER every year. Another fact that childrensma.org says is “with 39 grams of fat and loads of artificial color plus burning spices). This has more fat than a quarter pounder with cheese from Mcdonald 's. One school report a pledge kids turning in a pledge cards with red finger prints on them. ( childrensma.org ) This is getting out of hand where there making pledges for kids in grade school. Another fact from this article is “ For about two years one of the main googled search was “Flamin Hot cheetos stain out.This why I would say the Flamin hot cheetos

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