Fast Food Begins In The Home Summary

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In the article “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home” the author, Daniel Weintraub, argues that parents are responsible for the obesity of children, not anyone or anything else, the parents. Weintraub supports his claims by explaining data and research used to show that most studies focus on “...the increasing consumption of fast food and soft drinks, larger portion sizes in restaurants, the availability of junk food on campus, advertising of junk food to children and their families, and the lack of consistent physical education programs in the schools” said in paragraph 8. The author’s purpose is to raise awareness that parents need to take responsibility so that their children stop blaming others for something that others have …show more content…

They blame the companies for making them fat when they’re the ones consuming it and knowing all the calories the foods contain and knowing that the calories they are taking in aren’t benefiting their health in any way. Same goes for the parents, they know that buying these foods aren’t good for their children so why buy it so often? They can’t be blaming the companies for something that they are choosing to buy. Parents and their kids are blaming companies for something they are doing to themselves in a way.

Food companies are however putting themselves in front of children in every way possible. From the stores to home on television. In “If You Pitch It, They Will Eat” it says “There are Spongebob SqaurePants Popsicles, Oreo Cookie preschool counting books and Keebler’s Scooby Doo Cookies. There is even a Play-Doh Lunchables play set.” in paragraph 6. In paragraph 34 it says,” During Nickelodeon’s ‘Spongebob SquarePants’ 30 minute cartoon last week, more than half the commercials were about …show more content…

They are both to blame. The parents keep blaming the companies and the companies keep blaming the parents. They should both just take responsability that they both are to blame for the obesity of the children.

Parents are sometimes too busy to be able to make their children a homemade meal. There are so many fast food restaurants in every town or city, they’re everywhere and the food is prepared and quick so the kids want that because it taste good and the parents buy it because they have no time to make them a meal at home. They may not be able to afford many good foods so their kids buy some junk food or something cheap from a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s.

Fast food restaurants are always to blame though or the food companies. The parents keep their children away from that. When the kid asks for it they could simply say no. This generation is always on their portable devices. They watch TV and they’re always on their phones sitting down instead of doing something productive. The parents are responsible for that because they should be taking control on that situation. The kids shouldn’t be the ones controlling the way things go, parents should be one’s to take

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