Let The Great World Spin Chapter Analysis

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Part One: This summer I read six chapters in Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann. Three chapters that stood out to me the most were chapters 1,2 and 6. Although these chapters are different from each other each one of them showed me a different focus. Each of these chapters had a different level of importance and stood out to me. Chapter five is most important to me. During this chapter we learn about fourteen year old Fernando’s real passion. Although he works in his step fathers barber shop, that is not what he really wants to do. His real passion is taking photos of the graffiti art found in the tunnels of the New York subways. He loves the underground tags most because it is more brave to do it in the tunnels than the wall above …show more content…

It was two months before my fifth grade graduation and three years from my parents divorce. Little did I know the news my mom told me that day would change my life forever. Tears came down my face when she told me we were going to be moving to New Jersey. At this moment I was feeling very confused and startled. Not only was I upset because I was leaving a place I have called home for eight years, but because I was leaving my friends and most importantly my dad and brother. This whole experience was alarming at first. I was frightened that the friendship I had developed over the years with my older brother would go to waste. I thought I would be omitted by my family in Texas and I didn 't know what life would be like with my dad and brother thousands of miles away. Well from the moment I stepped off the plane into New Jersey something clicked. My friendship with my brother and dad became even stronger. I never went a day without talking to either of them. I became a stronger person and this has helped me take on other challenges in my life. Now whenever problems come my way, I am able to conquer them. Not only did I gain from this move, but my brother, sister and mom as well. All of us became closer and were lucky enough to have joined with another amazing family. I started a new school that changed me for the better. This move had a huge impact on my life and without it I

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