Perseverance In The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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In the book Glass Castle, Jeannette and her family don’t let all of the circumstances around them stop them from dreaming any smaller. Perseverance is the persistence of taking action, especially in spite of difficulties. Perseverance is overcoming the tough things in life, and not letting them get the best of you. In fact, for the most part, the Walls’ kids all worked a little harder to reach their goals. Lori, Jeanette, and Brian save up money so Lori can pursue her life outside of Welch, and move to New York City. Jeannette later follows after she graduates high school, and attends Barnard College. She later because a writer and an author. Brian achieves his goal of being a cop and then later a teacher. All of the Walls’ kids knew the …show more content…

My junior year I came home right after school with my brother. My parents were both home and asked to speak with my brother, Garret, and I in the kitchen when we put all of our school bags away. The family and I gathered in the kitchen and my parents started talking. And as they were talking I tried my hardest to hold back any tears and get rid of that funny feeling in my throat. As my parents explained to us that they were filing for a divorce. They assured us it was nothing we did, but completely their own choice. I stood next to my brother, who had tears streaming down his face. I felt like I had to stay strong for my brother's sake, so I could reassure him that everything would be okay. But deep down I was hurting just like he was. After meeting in the kitchen, my brother and I went to our rooms. Our parents came in one at a time to talk to us and about how we were feeling. They made sure to tell us that they loved us a bunch, and everything would be okay. As I started crying, both my mom and dad would cry too. They didn’t like that Garrett and I were feeling this way. I remember going to bed crying silently, because I wanted to be the tough one. The next morning I got up and got ready for school, trying to control my swelling eyes from the night before. My parents told Garrett and I about the divorce in early September, and by the end of the year school year, nothing had really changed too much. We all still lived together under the same roof, in our home we had always grown up in. For a moment, my brother and I thought, maybe things are working themselves out and mom and dad aren't getting a divorce after all. But my mom started to take me with her to look at new places to move into, to get my input on the possible new home of

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