Personal Narrative Essay About Moving To Japan

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With great despair I am writing this to you from a faraway country that I have moved to. How is Japan? Is everyone doing okay? I turned into a complete fool, it feels like I have no purpose in life and must harbor my feelings. Dreading to come home, I miss my homeland very much and being around people I love. Forced to work lengthy, bone-crushing hours being able to wake up late in a comfortable bed with a secure roof is like an aspiration here. Being very distinctive from Japan, the climate is very mellow and stays around the same temperature all year round. Smacking me in the face, my choices are coming back at me and, I feel very isolated without family. The work promised seemed very subtle and I could benefit from working there. However, I should have known it was too exceptional to be true, stuck doing rigid work six days a week, 10 hours a day. I wanted to bring back money from …show more content…

Yelled at from my luna or my supervisor, I have very insufficient time for rest and most of the time on the field I am working. Being very cramped, my house filled with people gives less and less space. As well as our the idea of personal space is not a something that’s very frequent here. There are multiple holes in the roof and fixing it is never a priority, we currently have a bucket under them when it rains. The walls are frail and unstable, which makes the room humid and muggy when the weathers hot. Currently, I am single, I do not plan on marrying soon for I aspire to return to Japan as soon as possible and a family would hold me back. When I am not working, which was mostly on Sundays, I mostly do the laundry and clean. Packed with dirt, by the end of the week the house is filthy and my laundry smells. However, when I do finish early I look forward to the traditions of the Japanese such as the Bon Dance to honor our ancestors in

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