Personal Narrative: My Life As An Asian Immigrant

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Ever since I was young, I knew that my mother did not have it easy when she came to America. She was a strong single mother, who could not speak English, living in a foreign land. Knowing that my mother had sacrificed everything she had in hope of establishing a better future and life for me, I had to repay her. My mother used to be a nail technician inevitably she had to endure ignorant remarks from customers simply because she could not speak English. In addition to her suffering, her constant back pains at night made me want to alleviate all of her pain, sadly, all I could do was offer her heat patches. I could not imagine how lonely my mom must have felt since she left her whole family behind in Vietnam. Witnessing my mother endure such hardship, I felt like it was my duty as her daughter to diminish her suffering. The dream that my mom often fantasized about was of me having a stable career. My long-term goal is to be financially stable so that I can take care of my mother, but, first I must successfully attain a job. However, before I can acquire a job, I must attend college to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. …show more content…

Being an Asian immigrant, I never felt like I fitted in anywhere. For most of my life I’ve been caught up in between who I really am and how I’m perceived. In between categories and definitions, I don’t fit in. When you don’t fit in you’re forced to see the world in different angles and point of views, you gain knowledge and life lessons from different people and places. Those lessons for better or worse shaped me into who I am today. The realization of who I am, motivated me to be a figure for those who need guidance. Since I will be attending college, I hope to, with my Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, become a therapist to lend a hand out to those who are

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