Essay On Moving Away

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Lucas lives in Florida right now. He is in 10th grade. He lives with both of his parents. They both got new jobs in a totally different state. Lucas knows that they are moving. Lucas is sad about it because he doesn’t want to leave his friends and family. He is scared that he isn’t going to make any more friends at his new school. He already knows that he is moving to Wisconsin. He leaves this Saturday, which is only two days away. He started saying goodbye to his family on Thursday night and said goodbye to his friends and teachers on Friday. He got really emotional and started crying until he realized that he shouldn’t be crying because it’s not that big of a deal. It is now Saturday morning and they are packing up their final things. Lucas gets …show more content…

While he slowly came in the door, he saw Sarah sitting there with a gun on the table, thinking about what she was going to do with it. Sarah doesn’t see or hear Lucas come in. She picked up the gun and pointed it right at the center of her head. She was crying. Finally Lucas has seen enough. He told her to put the gun down, and that he needed to talk to her. She hesitantly set the gun down on the table and walked away into the other room. Lucas sat down next to her on her bed and said, “Listen, Sarah, I’ve been thinking about our friendship and you know that I care for you, like a lot. I was wondering if you think that we could be more than friends?” Sarah was relieved and she responded, “I was thinking the same thing, sure let give it a try.” Lucas had a big smile on his face when finally he asked, “Sarah, will you go out with me?” Sarah screamed with excitement, “Of course!” Then they got up and hugged each other and went outside to play soccer. They always had so much fun together! Whether it was just watching movies, talking or even playing soccer, but you know what they say is to date your best friend and you will have the time of your

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