Torrey Pines-Personal Narrative

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On a rainy, stormy day in the Torrey Pines High School parking lot, Catherine and Zack were fighting like they always do, making a scene. Everybody knew that they were together because they were always fighting. You see, Catherine was a good girl who had a 4.0 gpa, and she was a very loving person who worked very hard. On the other hand, you had Zack who was a “bad boy,” and a big jock who didn’t care about school. He just adored all the attention he got from every girl. Catherine’s best friend was Liam; she went to Liam for everything like advice, attention, and comfort. Although, they both loved each other, neither of them were ever brave enough to say it; until now. “There they go again,” rambled Michael. “You would think, they would …show more content…

He felt a twinge of pity. She’d been stood up, again. There she sat, alone in a nice restaurant, dressed in her favourite black dress. Liam watched her reflection in a mirror and saw the sigh that gusted out of her mouth, she ruffled her hair and sat back in her chair and closed her eyes. It was finally time for Liam to make his move. While her eyes were still closed he cupped his hands around the back of her neck, and gradually rubbed his thumb under her right ear. She suddenly broke out into a smile and quickly turned to look over her shoulder. Liam stepped up to her side and watched her as her smile suddenly …show more content…

She then turned and and lifted her head to stare into his eyes, without saying a word. “What? Still mad at me?” taunted Liam. “I’m not mad at you! I’m mad at Zack. Mad at myself- or at least sickened with myself. Why can’t I find a guy who truly cares about me?” admitted Catherine. Taking a step closer she settled her body against his. He placed his chin on hers and rubbed her back. “Cat,” mumbled Liam, “ I have always loved you, and I know you have always thought I was joking, but I’m not, I love you more than anything in this whole world.” Catherine punched him on the shoulder and yelled in his face, “ You moron! Of course I love you. Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Laughing, Liam grabbed her arms and pulled her tightly to him. Slowly lowering his mouth to hers, he lightly whispered, “I thought you always thought of me as a big brother.” Catherine laughed, while she whispered, “Well, I guess things change.” Catherine finally found her true love and soul mate. She finally gave Liam the chance that he had always dreamed

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