Thomas Jefferson: A Short Story

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There are three things Alexander hates more than anything else in the world.
1. Thomas Jefferson being in debate club
2. The fact that Thomas Jefferson is undeniably handsome
3. And himself for not being able to put a filter on his mouth.
The story behind these three things is rather embarrassing. Alexander had been on his way to debate club.

"I 'm so glad this college has a debate club, it really gives me an outlet to voice my opinions." Alex says, as he tightens the straps of his backpack to fit his shoulder better.
"Lex, you don 't just voice your opinions, you shout them. Particularly louder when debating with Jefferson." Says John Laurens, Alexander 's bestfriend since freshman year of high school.
Alex scoffs and tries his best to
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"During the revolution of this fine country that we live in today, we were incredibly poor and had no way of gathering real troops, money, and other materials needed to win the war. But we did have an ally that was extremely helpful. They provided money, guns, and more than half a chance. Can you guess who provided those funds?"

James tuned in and shouted from the background, "France!"

Thomas chuckled, but then continued, "Fast forward to the French Revolution. France is now asking for our help that we had promised at the end of the war. They are appalled to find out that we, as a country, will be staying neutral in this whole predicament. In conclusion, the French provided many things for our great country, so I personally think we should have paid them back for their efforts." Jefferson smiled and backed up to the rest of the his group.

Washington nodded thoughtfully, then turned, "Alexander, you have the floor." John and the others cheered for Alex as he
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Thomas turned to Alex angrily, "We fought for freedom. The people were leading. Why are you on this buffoons side."

Alex stood up angrily, "The people were rioting not leadin-"

Thomas cut him off, "Oh yes, because wanting to be free was so ba-"

"You know, if you weren 't so attractive, I 'd of punched you in the face nine times by now!" Alex shouted at the top of his lungs. The room went silent. All eyes, including Thomas ', were on Alex.

"Did..did you just say I 'm attractive?" Thomas asks, a blush setting in on his cheeks.

Alex eyes widened as soon as he realized what he had said, "I-I didn 't mean.." He trailed off.

Thomas walked toward the shorter man, "I think you did." He said, chuckling. He grabbed Alex 's shoulders and pulled him in. Their lips collided and Alex felt like he was floating. The million thoughts running through his head seemed to cloud over and all he could think about was Thomas. Thomas, Thomas, Thomas. was the only thing going through his brain. The only thing he could feel was Thomas ' lips on his, how they moved in sync,
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