Loss Of Death In Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven

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The Heartbreak That Killed “The Raven” is by Edgar Allan Poe. The Poem “The Raven” is gothic literature. This poem is about how a husband tries to deal with the lost of his beloved wife Lenore. Soon after the man starts to lose his mind and senses. The lost of his wife is so dramatizing for him that it starts to affect on his state of mind , also his physical appearance. I strongly truly believe heartbreak or a loss of a loved one can change who you are as a person. Physically some people may lose weight or gain it. Just like in the The Raven. The man dwells on how he has lost his beloved wife. Soon he goes through different stages. Like physically , mentally , emotionally. The narrator starts off by telling us how the man is not …show more content…

Some people are gonna tell you can not mentally change after a lost but , you can just like the man did from lost of sleep. His mind is playing tricks on him. Emotionally you can be changed a lot and it all depends how dramatizing the lose was for you . Another way is how the person died can affected you. I believe the fact that the death of his wife was so sudden that he is having a hard time dealing with it. Overall depends on what you go through and how well you deal with it. One way is like the way you feel about life. The husbands feelings are all over the place this is not good for the man’s health. The man is sad because he lost his beloved wife. The way the husband is dealing with it is he dwells on the lost. “Sorrow for the lost Lenore.”(10) The man dwells on how his wife is gone and no longer here with him. He ask questions about why. The husband is hurt from his wife’s death being so sudden. He hurts for the fact that she will no longer there with him or around him. The narrator tells us how he is lonely and how he is broken he wants to move on and go to where Lenore is.“My sad fancy into smiling.”(45) The

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