New Country Struggles

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The Struggle of being to New Country. One day, I came back from my soccer match and my parents were waiting for me. They told me that we have to move to other county. I said where. My mom said to US, and told me the reason, because of her mother. She is being sick and needs my mom to be next to her before anything happens to her. As teenager I said to my mother. What’s the problem you can go? I can stay here and i am happy here. But my mom said my grandmother wanted all of us to go to her and my mom didn 't wanted me to leave me back alone. I told to my mom, I am not going anywhere. But many times we get helpless in some situation and that is what happened with me. I have immigrate with my family to US. In order to immigrate I have to pack …show more content…

I was told from my professor come after class for questions. And when I go after class he told me he is busy or he is going to some important conference. And when I tried to take help from classmates they even ignored me. I was sad about it but was still trying to survive class. I was still figuring out what to do. And a day came when professor gave us our first essay handout. I had no idea about methods of writing essay according to the MLA formatting which professor wanted us to use in essay. And moreover no idea about how to write my first essay. I wrote my first essay whatever I was able to do. As I gave my essay to professor he kept my essay away from other essay. What he did with me was that he putted my essay on projector in front of all class and made fun of it. Other students were cracking joke about me and I was sitting helpless tears in my eyes. All I was doing was listing to people harsh comments. And after making fun of my essay he wrote big zero on it and gave it back me right away. I was so depressed that what to do next. Because he gave me big zero on my essay and each essay makes a lot of difference on

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