Personal Narrative: My Exodus From St. John Brebuef

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My Exodus from St. John Brebuef A long time ago when I was in grade eight at St. John Brebeuf, I was enslaved much like how the Israelites were enslaved, but I was enslaved by choice. I was enslaved my controlling friendship which effected all my relationships, but most of all my relationship with God because spending time with my friends took over my whole life. However, I had no idea that I was enslaved until I was ready to escape. My friends were in control of me, even though I thought that I was in control of my choices the whole time. I would come home, eat, and play video games with them until it was time to go to sleep. This cycle is similar to how the Israelites were worked by the Egyptians as slave labour, with video games being my work as a slave. I needed someone to intervene in my enslavement because I did not see what was happening, similar how God worked …show more content…

The beginning of my freedom began in such a strange way that I believe that it could only be because of God’s intervention that I was freed from my slavery. The true beginning to my Exodus was after I was accepted into St. Paul’s High School. After I was accepted I was very excited about this and I told my two former friends that I played video games with and it turned out that they did not get accepted. After receiving the news they were initially hopeful because they did not receive any sort of letter yet, so assumed that they would get accepted into St. Paul’s as well and we were all excited for going to school at St. Paul’s. At the time, I thought that we were the best of friends for the few days

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