The Importance Of The Exodus Story

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Throughout the majority of my life I feel that my insecurities are what held me back and make my story relate to the Exodus story. Ever since I was young I was never the girl who had the most friends, someone who was very talkative, or someone who was the most social. I was always seen as the lonely girl who walked the halls by herself, or as the girl without friends. The reasoning behind this is, like today I am always stuck in my own head. I am enslaved by the thought and idea of what others think of me and how the world perceives me. Every day I would go to school and just go through the same motions, trying to get through one day after another. Hoping that the day would be better than the last. When my dad would drop me off at school he would always tell me to “make new friends”, but in my head I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. Due to my personal insecurities I would always close myself off from others and not be my true self. I felt that if I were to change it was too late because the lonely girl was now my image. This relates to the Exodus story because, like the Israelites enslaved to the Egyptians, I was enslaved by my fear of others and what change could bring. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I had this problem. I was either watching a movie or television show when I finally began to realize what I really wanted in life and that was to be happy. Although the program was fiction, I knew I wanted what the characters had,

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