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This passage is taken from the religion of Judaism and can be found in the sacred book of Exodus. This would have taken place around 1300 BCE. Although the events took place around 1300 BCE, it is likely that the evens were transcribed into their final form in the sacred texts around 400BCE and it is believed that Moses is the author of the Exodus. The main theme outlined in this passage is God calling on Moses and his brother Aaron to free his people. Occurring at the holy mountain of Midian, God appeared before Moses, in the form of a burning bush, to seek out the pharaoh of Egypt to demand his people be set free from slavery. Moses was afraid and didn’t believe he was capable of such a huge undertaking. Moses was also afraid …show more content…

Passover is to be a day of remembrance for all time. It is important for all generations to come to remember the great sufferings and re-experience the freeing of their people from oppression and slavery in Egypt. When the Hebrews eventually escaped, crossing the red sea safely, they gathered at Mt. Sinai. This is important because that is where the greatest miracle took place, God once again spoke to Moses. Through this, the covenant was created. This is a two way contract with God. God would bring them to the promised land and protect them. In turn, they would be holy and only serve God, Yahweh, obeying the commandments set out in the …show more content…

The passage makes several references indicative of the Trinity. The Trinity refers to God as being one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There are also references to Thomas, which is an important figure in Christianity, and Jesus whom is God incarnate in human form. Therefore, this passage is clearly related to the religion of Christianity and can be found in the Gospel of John. It is believed that each Gospel is named after its author and therefore John is possibly the author of the Gospel of John and was written at approximately 100 CE. Also, the text points out the Jesus is conversing with Thomas as “Jesus replied” which indicates that Jesus is the author. During their conversation, Thomas indicated concern over not knowing where Jesus is going. This could mean that Jesus is foreshadowing that he will soon undergo great sufferings, die, and rise again 3 days later. If so, these events occurred during what is now known as Holy week. Holy week originally occurred before 30 AD. Therefore, this passage takes place at approximately 29 AD. This is further supported by Jesus being born at approximately 4 BCE and died at the age of

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