The Gospel Of John Essay

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God: God is known in John by two ways, “the Father who sent” Jesus (5:37), and as “the Father of the Son” (5:17-23). In the gospel of John writing God, does not become the center of focus. The Jewish people already has strong ties and believes in God, however there was some debate whether the Jewish’s people believes that Jesus was the Messiah and or the Son of God. According to C. S. Lewis he made a statement about Jesus and John wholeheartedly agreed with, Lewis wrote “Jesus is lunatic, liar, or Lord”.

The Messiah: John speaking about the Messiah is to prove that Jesus is the Messiah, and the Son of God (20:30-31). John present to us that who Jesus is at the very center of the Gospel of John. Carson tells us that the “Son of God” can roughly serve synonymn for “Messiah”. All the Synoptic Gospels wrote that Jesus is the Messiah, and the Son of God.
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Only in the gospel of John is the term parakletos written which means, “advocate” or “helping presence”. The reason was noted as teaching on the Holy Spirit in the gospel of John was Jesus knew that His departure from the disciple was coming soon. John identity’s three designations for the Holy Spirit, first, Paraclete, second, the Holy Spirit, and third the Spirit of Truth.
The New Covenant Community: What was really interesting that the word church was not used in the gospel of John but was only used twice in all the synoptic gospels and that was in Matthew (16:18; 18:17)? The ecclesiology of John is strictly focused on Jesus as the new Israel. In the gospel of John his teaching on the churches is tied to the Old Testament. Another important key term in the gospel of John is pisteuo means “to believe”.
Last thing: John’s realized eschatology tells us that John say’s we have eternal life now that we already crossed from death to life. This has nothing to do with believe of the second coming of Jesus

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