Bibl 104 Week 2 Essay

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Below write 200 words stating and outlining 3 KEY POINTS gained from the lecture material and explain why you consider them key points.

My first main point is how Jesus is presented as the fulfillment of the promise by Yahweh to sent the Messiah, ‘The one who saves’, in the New Testament. The Gospel texts describe who Jesus is or what he did and are linked to Old Testament texts. This important as it associates and further bring together all parts of the Bible as the New Testament is written in light on the Old Testament.

Also the version of Jesus presented in the Synoptic Gospels is different from the Gospel of John. He speaks very little about himself; he is focused on the coming of the Kingdom of God. Prior to this unit I considered all the Gospels to …show more content…

Mark’s Jesus exhibits a full range human emotion and is subject to human weakness and human frailty. He was known as ‘a carpenter; ‘the Son of Mary’. This Gospel is often cited as an example of ‘Christology from Below’. Over the previous weeks I have been developing a better understanding of ‘Christology from Below’, and through analysis of Mark it has provided me deeper knowledge and concrete examples.

Below write 200 words stating and outlining 3 KEY POINTS of the reading for Week Two and explain why you consider them key points.

In conclusion of reading O’Collins, the subjective nature of our historical knowledge and knowledge of other people, should not be limited to the fact that we are all historically and culturally conditioned. This influences our deepest desires and primal questions that shape our existence, but here and now find incomplete fulfilment and temporary answers.

Second, when drawing on the Gospels we can use the widely accepted scheme of three stages in the communication of testimony to Jesus’ deeds and words:
1) The first stage in his earthly life when his disciples and others spoke about

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