Gospel Of Mark Analysis

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In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is presented as the “Christ, the Messiah” (Mk 1:1 NAB). These are the first words of Mark. However, what does this mean? Through the Gospel, Mark wants to answer this question with several facts. The Gospel is divided in two main sections: first, chapter 1 to 8 shows the human part of Jesus and performing several miracles. Moreover the first section is developed in Galilee and its surround. Second, from 8: 27 a number of changes occurred, especially the explicit references to the disciples ' lack of understanding. The presentation of the figure of Jesus also changes in the last half. Mark begins to present Jesus as a figure whose destiny is completely delimited for him, beginning with the first announcement…show more content…
From all these, we can deduce that Jesus appears before the people as the great prophet of the eschatological time, the messenger of the Kingdom, the one who is so close to the Father that he is able to call Him “Abba” (Mk 14: 36 NAB). We can say that Mark has one objective: to record in writing all the important events about the life of Jesus, in order not to forget and keep them against distortion or falsification. In doing so, Mark clearly shows us who the Jesus who lived among us is and how great is his Gospel message. This message offers us life in the Kingdom of God with whom we have been reconciled. Moreover, Mark wants to highlight the human traits of Jesus. He shows us that Jesus was in solidarity with humanity in everything including fatigue, physical weakness and feelings. Jesus is angry with those with a hard heart (Mk 3: 5), looks with love (10: 21), he is unworthy (10: 14), he is hungry (11:12), like any human beings. His death on the cross is the supreme sign of solidarity with all the people who suffer and at the same time as Messiah, Jesus acts with authority and power. Mark gradually shows who Jesus is and his mystery. In fact, it is not Jesus who reveals and proclaims his identity, but rather the disciples, who accompany and live with him. The disciples are the ones that must learn who Jesus is for themselves by accepting his teaching, and fallowing him on
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