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  • Gospel Of Matthew's Gospel

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    Introduction Matthew has been a favorite, and one of the most read Gospels since the early church. One of the core fundamentals of the Christian faith is that of recognizing Jesus Christ as the Messiah-King over all of creation, and as Matthew’s Gospel unfolds, the reader will find this theme to be most prevalent. While Christ is Matthew’s primary focus, this all inclusive Gospel includes insights into God’s plan, the beginnings of the church, interactions with each other and, as will be discussed

  • The Fourth Gospel Analysis

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    Researching It is more interesting to look for the answers to the two questions about the structure and the literary characterization of the Fourth Gospel. I. The Structure of the Fourth Gospel: According to Raymond E. Brown and Mark L. Strauss, The Fourth Gospel has a relatively simple: “It begins with a prologue (1:1-18) identifying Jesus as the preexistent “Word” (Logos) – God’s self-revelation – who become a human being to bring grace and truth to humankind. It ends with an epilogue (chap.

  • The Gospel Of John: The Book Of The Gospel Of John

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    This book was written by St. John the apostle, a follower of Jesus. The Gospel of John consists of 21 chapters. The apostle John was also called John the Evangelist, or the Beloved Disciple. He was the son of Zebedee and brother of James the great, who also was an apostle of Jesus. He was called by Jesus to be a disciple of the Lord, in the first year of Jesus’ public ministry. He was the only apostle who didn’t deny Jesus as his teacher during the passion of the Christ (St. John the Apostle

  • Synoptic Gospels

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    The gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke are often referred to as the synoptics because of their structural similarity. The synoptics often conceal Jesus’ identity, but John does not follow this pattern. John declares outright that Jesus is a divine sacrifice and this is just one example of how John differs from its counterparts. The gospel of John has various structural differences that some may deem troublesome, but like every gospel author, there is a function for their nonconformity. John’s structure

  • Essay On The Gospel Of John

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    The gospel of John details the interesting points of Jesus Christ’s life by describing the kind of work or act that Jesus performed. John, being a disciple, chronologically outlines some of Jesus’ works, and tries to prove the divinity that Jesus has. John is trying to explain Jesus’ mission to save people from damnation through all his writings. Even though John does not include all of the signs that Jesus performs, in his gospel, he choose the most important ones. John believes that by showing

  • The Role Of Angelification In The Gospel Of Matthew

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    3.4 The Resurrected Will Not Marry like Angels (22.23–33) Matt 22.23–33, which is the famous debate on resurrection between Jesus and Sadducees, is the most significant passage pertaining to the angelification in the Gospel of Matthew. For the purpose of this essay, we will focus on Jesus’ response, which consists of two theses: (1) The resurrected will not marry nor be given in marriage (vv. 29–30); (2) The resurrection of the dead exists (vv. 31–32). For the reasoning of thesis (1), scholars generally

  • John's Gospel Analysis

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    and what he came to accomplish through his life, death and resurrection. Ultimately, John’s Gospel is among the most unique of the four Gospel accounts, John is passionate about the church properly understanding just who Jesus is and he believes that Jesus shows the world his Father in Heaven. First off, about ninety percent of the entire book is unique to the other Gospel writers. For instance, John’s Gospel begins without a genecology, but rather a beautiful poetic narrative of who Jesus through

  • Discrepancy In The Gospel Of John

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    There are numerous apparent discrepancies in the Bible specifically in regards to the Gospels: Matthew, Mark and Luke’s relation to John. One key discrepancy is the inclusion material not found in the synoptics by the author John. John “includes a considerable amount of material not found in the synoptics” (Prompt) including three complete chapters, accounts of “Jesus’ early Galilean ministry”, prior visits of Jesus to Jerusalem, “the seventh sign-miracle”, “the resurrection of Lazarus” (John 11)

  • Symbolism In The Gospel Of John

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    The Gospel of John contains some of the most profound truth which is expressed in the simplest way. It is full of imagery and symbolism which though concise and limited bears deep spiritual meaning. In his book, The Interpretation of the fourth Gospel, C. H. Dodd must have been the first to identify the leading ideas and thus separate in form and function the allegories of the Gospel of John from the synoptic parables and connect them with the Old Testament and the Hellenistic-Jewish symbolic tradition

  • Angelification In The Gospel Of Matthew

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    The Angelification in the Gospel of Matthew 1. Introduction In his well known The Resurrection of the Son of God, N. T. Wright, following the thesis of Oscar Cullmann, suggests that early Christians did not believe in any form of angelic afterlife. As a response to their view, this essay seeks to argue that some early Christians, especially the author of the Gospel of Matthew, probably believed in angelification in line with Late Second Temple Judaism. I will first investigate the notion of angelification

  • Essay On The Gospel Of Matthew

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    Is the Gospel of Matthew a Reliable Biography of Jesus? The Gospels have been accused of not being reliable and incorrect for many years now. Skeptics and naturalists alike have tried to come up with reasons as to how the Gospels are not reliable biographies of Jesus. Of course, there has been no significant or specific evidence to the unreliability of the Gospels. However, there is much evidence proving the reliability of the Gospels. The Gospel of Matthew was written by Matthew Levi, a tax collector

  • Gospel Of Mark Essay

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    1.0 INTRODUCTION The gospel of Mark, as the book with which this research is concerned is commonly known as the first of the Gospels to be written. From a historical point of view, Mark, being the oldest of the Gospels, is the most reliable, the reason for which is not merely that it is closer in point of time to the events than in the other Gospels. Although, the Gospel of Mark has been criticized for being overly simplistic and thus inferior to Mathew and Luke but it is far from the truth and more

  • Essay On The Portrayal Of The Gospels In Matthew And Mark

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    Dr. Young Prompt 1: The portrayal of the disciples in Matthew and Mark The books of Matthew and Mark are two Gospels of the New Testament that shows a lot of similarities in the ways they portrayed the ways of Jesus. The book of Matthew has been considered in many cases the most important Gospel in the New Testament. As we all know Matthew is the most Jewish of all the other four gospels and mainly focuses on the deeds of Jesus. Matthew was an educated man with a Jewish background. The book of Matthew

  • The Gospel Of John Essay

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    God: God is known in John by two ways, “the Father who sent” Jesus (5:37), and as “the Father of the Son” (5:17-23). In the gospel of John writing God, does not become the center of focus. The Jewish people already has strong ties and believes in God, however there was some debate whether the Jewish’s people believes that Jesus was the Messiah and or the Son of God. According to C. S. Lewis he made a statement about Jesus and John wholeheartedly agreed with, Lewis wrote “Jesus is lunatic, liar

  • Gospel Of Mark Research Paper

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    In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is presented as the “Christ, the Messiah” (Mk 1:1 NAB). These are the first words of Mark. However, what does this mean? Through the Gospel, Mark wants to answer this question with several facts. The Gospel is divided in two main sections: first, chapter 1 to 8 shows the human part of Jesus and performing several miracles. Moreover the first section is developed in Galilee and its surround. Second, from 8: 27 a number of changes occurred, especially the explicit references

  • The Gospel Of Luke: Source Analysis

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    Historical, critical scholarship is used in the Gospels to understand how the author planned to influence the original audience based on the text. There are 6 concepts of historical, critical scholarship which includes; form, audience, text, source, redaction, and canon criticism. Form criticism identifies the type and function of the literature. Audience criticism identifies the audience that the text is intended for and how it should affect the audience. Text criticism recognizes the original or

  • Comparing John's Gospel And Christianity

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    of writing these gospels were all surrounding Jesus Christ and how the writers might be able to get their message across to the public in that time. It was founded that these scriptures while they seem similar in some regards in turn had different meanings. It can be said that the Gospel of Luke, the Gospel of John, and the Acts of Apostles all have different accounts of historical factors that have been written about Jesus Christ but they are still right also. The Luke’s Gospel is the most humane

  • Mark: Discipleship In The Gospel Of Mark

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    of the four gospels in the New Testament. While there remains much debate regarding the actual authors of these texts, there seems to be a semblance of uniformity in terms of portraying the writers as persuasive authors with captive audiences. Thus, many scholars refer to these writers as evangelists. These evangelists wrote with the intention of sharing a message about Jesus that would lead to their audience becoming disciples or being encouraged to be better disciples. The Gospel of Mark provides

  • Analysis Of Historical Context: The Gospel Of Luke

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    Historical Context The Gospel of Luke has no explicitly specified time that is was written. Some say between 58 and 65 AD, while others say as late as 70 to 90 AD. While they may not agree on the time, Luke’s gospel is widely viewed as the most meticulous and detailed, including many facts that the other authors failed to include, as a result, it is also the longest. Luke collated his information from a variety of sources and tried to come to more logical, reasonable and accurate ways of personifying

  • Abraham And Mark In Matthew's The Gospel Of Matthew

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    The Gospel of Matthew was written by Matthew, who was also called Levi. Matthew was a tax collector that gave up everything he owned to become one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. Matthew because of his background of being a tax collector was able to write down events in a more orderly and factual way. This book was written to the Jews in the period of what is estimated to be between A.D. 55-65. Matthew’s intent was to reach out to the Jews and prove to them, that Jesus Christ is the promised