The Gospel Of John: The Book Of The Gospel Of John

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This book was written by St. John the apostle, a follower of Jesus. The Gospel of John

consists of 21 chapters. The apostle John was also called John the Evangelist, or the Beloved

Disciple. He was the son of Zebedee and brother of James the great, who also was an apostle of

Jesus. He was called by Jesus to be a disciple of the Lord, in the first year of Jesus’ public

ministry. He was the only apostle who didn’t deny Jesus as his teacher during the passion of the

Christ (St. John the Apostle.) He stood faithfully by the cross next to Mary, the mother of God. It

was then that he was made guardian of Mary by Jesus. He built many Churches in Asia Minor.

He spent the rest of his life in Jerusalem and in Ephesus. He wrote his Gospel, three Epistles and

the Book of Revelation, that are in the Bible. He was the only apostle that didn’t die a martyr.

He lived a long life and died at the age 100 because of old age. (St. John the Apostle)

The gospel of John was written around the year of c. 70 AD, give or take some years.

This is around the time that Paul the Apostle was imprisoned and put to death. The crucifixion

of Andrew the Apostle in Achaia. The Book of Timothy was written (Timeline of Christianity.)

This is also around the time of the civil war, and the execution of the emperor Galba. The son of

the emperor; Titus captures the city of Jerusalem in a four month march (Roman Timeline 1st

century AD.) All though the Gospel of John never says anything

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