T. Athanasius: St. Anthony Of Alexandria

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St. Athanasius Report by: Anthony Zambino St. Athanasius was born in the year 265-266 died in the year 372 St. Athanasius fest day is May 2.St. Athanasius was born and died in Alexandria, Egypt. Athanasius had a christen family and was one. He studded Hebrew, Greek scripter, philosophy, and rhetoric. As he grew up, Athanasius befriended monks and Herman’s of the desert including St. Anthony of Alexandria. He later wrote a biography on St. Anthony of Alexandria In 318 Athanasies became sectary of Alexander after ordained a deacon of Alexandria. Around the time Athanasies rote his first work, a theological thresher on the laceration which is still quoted extensively in christen theology and spiritual literature. Around 323 Arias, an ambitus
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