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Is the Gospel of Matthew a Reliable Biography of Jesus?
The Gospels have been accused of not being reliable and incorrect for many years now. Skeptics and naturalists alike have tried to come up with reasons as to how the Gospels are not reliable biographies of Jesus. Of course, there has been no significant or specific evidence to the unreliability of the Gospels. However, there is much evidence proving the reliability of the Gospels.
The Gospel of Matthew was written by Matthew Levi, a tax collector who became one of Jesus’ disciples. It is supposed that Matthew was written between 60 and 70 A.D. Only 30 to 40 years after Jesus’ death! Now, when we look at the length of time between the death of Jesus’ and when Matthew was written, it is in fact a short time interval compared to other historical biographies. The biographies of Alexander the Great were
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Does this mean that the Gospels contradict each other? No, it doesn’t. As Patrick Zukeran states, “Imagine if four people wrote a biography on your life: your son, your father, a co-worker, and a good friend. They would each focus on different aspects of your life and write from a unique perspective.” In the same way, the Gospels each wrote on different aspects of Jesus’ life and they each had their own perspective. Matthew chose to focus more on trying to understand the relationship between Christianity and Judaism. He focuses on how Jesus is the son of God, is the King, and is the promised Savior. Matthew also leaves out some stories that the other Gospels contain. However, these are not contradictions. They are simply not a part of the perspective of the Gospel of Matthew. Also, there are some passages that have different wording than other Gospels. These, too, are not contradictions, because they are simply just a part of Matthew’s unique
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