Analysis Of Discipleship And The Cross By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Over the past two years I have learned a significant amount about my faith. I learned that it wasn’t strong enough, I’ve learned that I need to pray the Jesus helps increase my faith, and I’ve also learned the importance of faith when it pertains to Christianity. In his document, Discipleship and the Cross, Dietrich Bonhoeffer takes a look at the Christian faith as he describes what he feels it should represent. There were certainly some most excellent points that Bonhoeffer pointed out that actual like up with my idea of Christian faith. In the duration of this paper, I would like to explore those ideas, and compare them to what I think.
The first passage that I would like to go over that Bonhoeffer discuss in this article describing Christian Discipleship is the fact that “The cross is laid on every Christian ” I didn’t realize exactly how …show more content…

This is a huge issue that most Christians need to come to the realization of. Christians in this modern day think that just because they are followers of Jesus Christ and he is their Lord and Savior…that they won’t have any problems in their live. They believe they shouldn’t have to suffer because they belong to the Lord, but if they only knew how false of a statement that truly is. Every single glorious day, a Christian will be met with a new temptation; and this as Bonhoeffer so eloquently puts, “is another kid of suffering and shame which the Christian is not spared ”. The reason for that is simpler than we make it actually; Jesus Christ has suffered and borne the sins of the world. As the teacher does so does the student, so, if Christ was tempted and Christ had to suffer…why would the Christian think that if they are alive in Christ that they should not have to suffer the same with Jesus. Just as the Master bears our own burdens, so we ought to bear the burdens of our fellow brothers and sisters in the

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