BIBL 104 Week 2 Essay

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After thoroughly reading Deuteronomy 32:45-47, Romans 10:17, Matthew 4:4, and Jeremiah 15:16, I have a better understanding of spiritual food. I noticed that in all four of the passages, it talks about the words of Christ. The words of Christ are found within the Bible in Scripture. In order for us to be spiritually alive, we have to take the words of the Lord, whether it be straight from our Bible or second hand from someone else, and break them down as they are our food. You break them apart by digging deeper into the meaning behind the verses not just focusing on what they are saying. This is what happens when people have bible studies or meditate on Scripture; they are looking for deeper meanings. I really liked Matthew 4:4 because it talks about how we cannot live on bread alone (earthly food) but words from the mouth of God (spiritual food) as well. …show more content…

On the other side, if a person lives by the words of Christ, they are satisfied. This reminds me of a quote that my brother likes that says, "Jesus + nothing = everything." With the words and affirmations of Christ, we find our hope and strength. The words of the Lord are encouragement and show us things about our Creator; it gives us knowledge. This gives us the energy and drive to get up in the morning and live for the glory of God. We are able to spiritually breathe when we have Christ, without him, we become spiritually "dead" or unattached and start to feel distant from God. As breathing takes place everyday, so should our spiritual breathing. When we eat food such as apples, we feel very satisfied and full. We feel that our body has energy and can now do work. When we do not eat anything, your body starts to feel very weak and not able to do many things that require energy. We get our energy from food. By eating food, we are able to do many

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