Bibl 104 Quiz

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The only compliance we have is to the Will of God, mission and commission that Christ has put us under. We have been commissioned to go tell it”-Pastor Jimmy J. Wilson 1. What should our church be known for in this community? 2. What services do your church offer? 3. What type of Mindset should we always have in and out of the church? A. Dogmatic B.Selfish C. Evangelistic D. Childish 4. The biggest portion of our New Testament was written where? A. On the Mountain B. In the Valley C. In Prison D. On the Rooftop 5. Accountability is not needed. True or False 6. In Building a solid foundation what is needed? A. Nothing B. Your thoughts C. The word of God D. People’s opinions 7.There are three(3) essentials to effective outreach:

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